GraffitiEyes - Pets Stencils

Aantal: 3

Three 4×6 stencils 

This kit includes three different animal stencils:
Puppy with paw prints and bones
Cat with fish bones and stars and moon flurry, and a crown
Unicorn with beads and flowers for her hair - bonus the unicorn can be a pony or even with a little imagination a dragon!

These patterns fit perfectly on a child's forehead, cheek, hand and arm to create an endless collection of fun art!  

Developed by Léa Selley - these durable mylar stencils are a must have training tool for new face painting artists and the atmosphere shapes of paw prints, dog bones and fish bones stars and moon shapes are great for loads of face and arm designs!  These stencils are the perfect size for face painting and great for use with water based theatrical makeup, liquid airbrush makeup, and pressed powder makeup.

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